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St Louis Ribs with Qview

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I have said i dont really care for pork ribs very much but that was until i decided to make them at home. Never will i ever eat crappy ribs from a diner again. While i will still be biased, and the beef have me won over with more natural flavors the pork absorb a good rub and sauce quite well.

-I removed as much fat as possible. Have to make myself think im doing something healthy right.
-hickory wood(really need to find a few boxes of apple)
-I used sweet baby rays sauce. Quicker than making one, as im limited on my time with homework in between my smokes.

Low and behold, these were good. The kiddo is asking for a repeat tomorrow. CANT WAIT.

Keep your eyes open on the beef forum for the pulled beef. Its sitting at 150 right now, waiting for it to rise so i can foil it.

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Nice meat! BTW My biceps tie yours 17" soon to be 18" I am 5'8" LOL good to see another Iron man on here.
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Those ribs look really good. I agree though, beef ribs beat pork hands down. biggrin.gif
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Nice work

I know how hard it is to accomplish that on what I think is an ECB. The ribs look spot on!

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Thanks man, its nice too show that eating a bunch of fatty greasy goodness doesnt mean you have to be overweight. Im 5'9" and 215lbs. Ill keep it on topic as others have not been happy with my buffness, but hey meat is meat rightPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Yes, i still agree with the beef being top meat, but i am truly a believer in these ribs.

I have the electric brinkman(i guess thats the ecb). I am terrible with acronyms.
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Yep I agree you can eat this stuff non stop if you work out. Heck thats the main reason for the gym is a excuse to eat more ribs. I am 5'8" 205lbs.
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