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Breakfast fatty

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I realized the other day I've only done one fatty so far. Time to correct that with a breakfast fatty. Eggs, onions, peppers, cheese, pretty basic. Eggs seasoned with smoked salt and pepper.

Bacon weave

Ready to roll


In the smoker it goes

Smoking at 250, using hickory
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Looking great Dawn!
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keep us updated on that please
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Good looking start where's the finished product.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Looks great and is one of my favorite combinations!!
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Still chugging along.
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Awesome weave!!!
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Thanks, that was my first one.biggrin.gif
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Looking good. IT temp is 110
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OMG...pork fat from the fatty dripping onto the lil' 'ol dino bones...........oooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuucccccccc cchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! That's a nice little touch...intentional or un-intentional, it works for me!!!!!

That is a superb smoke, Dawn!

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It's done. :D


It's for breakfast tomorrow with some biscuits.
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Looks great!
Nicely done Dawn!!
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That looks incredible, can't wait to see the finished product.

Why oh why do I have to be at work?
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In all the curing fuss I forgot about the fatty. Shame on me. How about a cream cheese craw daddy fatty? LOL
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Looks awsome, mouth is watering, need fatty fix quick!
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I know im brand new here..... But is it rude or bad ettiquette to say... Your fatty is sexy ? :)

Great looking eats... Enjoy and thank you for sharing !!!!!!!!

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I most have missed this when ya first posted Dawn, Looks really good. I got to do one like it soon.
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Looks good Dawn, I like your bacon weave.:D
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nothing like day old fatties...I love taking the breakfast ones and cuting them a little thiner and warm them up in the pan. slap on some toasted bread with chipotle mayo and oh my i must go eat now. lol..your pics have done it i must do the weave next time
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