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cordon bleu plated qview

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opps didn't get any prep or cooking pics. but this was very tasty.
pounded out breast added a little bcp then hickory smoked ham more bcp and some swiss. rolled up with pig candy & smoked with apple bout 4 hrs 225* to 250* till bacon done and chicken 180* side of mashed taters and chicken peppered gravy

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LOL-just put mine on the smoker-hope it comes out looking that good
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Good looking CCB
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That's just way too good lookin' to not be on my plate! Nice smoke...

Thanks for sharing.

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Looks great! What is BCP?
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Man Looks great. I guess I'm a wimp, cause as much as that's making me want too, I'm not smoking out in this ice and snow coming down!
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black cracked pepper
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Excellent Terry icon_smile.gif. Something I'm going to do. We've been looking for ideas to kick up the chicken a notch and I like yours icon_smile.gif
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Looks great!! Love the pepper shaker(?) in the background, looks like he's either singing praises or ready to take a bite!
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I do a similar dish rolled in cracker crumbs and alfredo sauce on top. Not Q though but your right, very tasty
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That looks really good, Terry. icon_smile.gif Nice and moist too.
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Nice job Terry!
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Good looking chicken, Terry! Think I'll try them this week sometime.

BTW Werdwolf, it was 54 degrees and sunny here today.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Man I got to try that. Looks mighty tasty.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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