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I really cant help you with this one sorry but im sure youll find your answers here
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Well surprise no one uses this one here besides me. Its made by Nu Temp.


You have a receiver that will hold up to 3 seperate remotes, I have been using them going on close to 5 years. I purchased all 3 for friend and got it them all for like $91 shipped to me. I use one for smoker temp, and the other 2 for meat. They have alarms on them for hi or low temps. Use the url I have posted thats a special price thru another forum. So as of Saturday night them prices was still good.
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Et-73 Ohhh Yeah!

Hey everyone. If you do not own an ET-73 I feel so sorry for you. The Maverick ET-73 is the greatest tool since the Smoker was invented. I have smoked for three days!! Boston butt, whole chicken hen, pork ribs and a turkey breast. I do not care for the power button under the battery cover or the factory default of 176 degrees but I can sure live with it. I know what the smoker temp is and the food temp. My ET-73 was good for about 30 feet witch is good. I can hear it beeping when I need to check it. It is good and loud.
I understand why to wrap the leads with foil as well. It comes off very easy and all you need is a "green winnie" (scrub pad) for the probes and your done.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
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Thank you for all your imput!!!
ET-73 is the bomb
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