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I have accounted for everything except.......

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Crazy Question here......

I brined my Brisket
I rested it
I tasted it
I rinsed it
I re rested it
I rubbed it
What temp do I smoke my Pastrami To?confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif
Thank you, I appreciate the help.
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My experience is 170,' maybe someone will have a differing opinion. This is for slicing.
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I smoke pastrami to about 160°-170° internal and then slice thin. Keep in mind that at these temps, it ain't gonna be falling apart tender, but more like sandwich pastrami. I know of some folks that smoke it just like a regular brisket and take it up to 195°-200° internal.
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165. any more and it starts to flake/pull. any less and its tough.
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I take mine to 180. I did this batch last week. Mine is from store bought corned beef.

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For slicing, I agree with Ron, about 170. Looks to me like PigInIt has pretty darn good results at 180 though, so you'll have to experiment. Good Luck!
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Well I got my info from Ron when I did my first one and Ron has never steered me wrong. I really think it can vary brisket to brisket also. I'm also thinkin your probably gonna be ok pullin it anywhere between 165 and 180 for slicin. I would have had trouble slicing these if they had been any more tender.
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I do mine to 165, foil, then up to 180. Rest them, then refrigerate them. Slice and vac pac them the next day.
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