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Price on pork bellies?

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Was wanting to try making some bacon, but cant find anywhere to buy bellies. I did find one butcher about 25 miles away that can order them, but says that they are $4.00 a pound and the minimum quantity that he can get is 2 bellies that weight 8-10 pounds each. I don't think I wanna drop $80 on bellies. Does that price sound right?
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I can't even find anyone who will order me any around here. icon_sad.gif I get a look like I'm nuts if I ask in person. On the phone it's a moment of silence, lol. I'm going to have to head out to amish country to the butchers out there next.
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Pork bellies

I paid 2.79 for mine and had to buy a case. 30 pounds of bacon is a lot but it gave me enough to play with. (try different methods etc.) I still have half raw in the freezer but of course now I have people interested in obtaining some bacon. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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$2.69 here in tucson-ordered outta phoenix-2 bellys bout 30# YUMMM BACON
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I actually just picked some up from my butcher for $1.99/lb. of course he and I have a great relationship. If you don't want all the slabs I highly recommend getting some ground and using it like you would any other ground pork - meatloaf, meatballs, potstickers, etc.
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I pay $2.59 a pound at the local Asian supermarkets here in Boston.
I bought an 11lb piece about a month ago and I got it hanging in the basement set up as Pancetta.
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I was quoted $2.39 from the Texas chain H.E.B., but you have to ask the butcher-folk, and they can order it for next day delivery.
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$1.79 in Detroit - Eastern Market - Kaps Meat

It is a great place in the heart of the Eastern Market.
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Dang - makes me want to go as my butcher what he can get bellies for. I haven't gone to him in a while 'cause his prices spiked pretty high, but it's time to go back and visit him. :o
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$2.49 here
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I get it for about 2.99 lb in the Hispanic supermarket. They are usually in 6-8 lb slabs. Try to find one there. Or at an asian market but they are usually sold in smaller pieces there as Asians tend to cook them in smaller pieces in braised dishes and such.

A quick search on for "mercado" yielded:

El Mercado del Hidalgo
3401 White Horse Rd
Greenville, SC 29611 Map
  • (864) 295-3030
Mercado El Rey
3225 W Blue Ridge Dr
Greenville, SC 29611 Map
  • (864) 269-5977
Mercado Latino
247 US Highway 17 S
Hardeeville, SC 29927
  • (843) 784-6684
Super Mercado Las Vigas
507 W Main St
Williamston, SC 29697
  • (864) 847-8790
or you could try searching "Tienda" (store)

Don't know how far these are from you but I hope this helps.

Good luck in your quest for bacon! It's well worth it!
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I get mine for 1.75 a pound form a local butcher here in South Jersey
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$2.20 a lb here in Canada. Most times I will have to order it at least a day in advance.
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