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Score of Pear and what about sweet gum?

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Friend called with a pear tree he took down and of course I said yes i want it. He also has some sweet gum but I have never used or heard about using sweet gum. Any input appreciated.
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It gives off a sweet chewy flavor that last a long long time biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif.

Actually, never heard of it used.
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I've never heard of it used for smoking anywhere...come to think of it, I've never heard of it's existence.

I just checked Dutch's post for a minute...nothing about it. I'd say until proven different, consider it toxic. Maybe get it seasoned well and burn some in a barrel or metal bucket and check the odor, smoke, soot, and watch for saps/creosote when heated/burning. Also, try to chip it with a small hatchet/axe, or wittle it to see if it is a hardwood or not. See if it can give off good charactoristics. I wouldn't try in a smoker until I knew for sure though, the smoke residue in your rig might be less than desirable.

I don't know, but, it sounds like alot to go through...maybe a ground breaker though.

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I have three in my yard.They are a pain in butt--as they leave the spiney balls that drop on my yard all winter.Dont know about smoking, but i seem to remember that it wasnt great for firewood, with the oak and cherry around here.There is also a red gum here that doesnt drop balls,and the foilage is at least attractive red in fall.I agree with the ground breaker thought.
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After a little research sweet gum is toxic. Do not use!
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I dont agree with ground breaker thought anymore.
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Heh-heh...I second that emotion! LOL!!!

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I HATE sweet gum trees. I've raked them gum balls up 3 times this year and there's still 1000's on the tree.
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