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Hey everyone. I'm new here. Just bought my first house in northern Nevada, so I finally have a backyard in which to grill and BBQ. I know a decent amount about BBQ, smoking, and cooking in general and have some pretty tasty recipes (BBQ and not).

I don't currently have a "set-up". All of my prior work has been done with a Weber Lil'smokey travel grill and some random $5 thing I got at a garage sale. Since the results were pretty not bad, I'm excited to see what I can do this summer when I get some real equipment.

I'm leaning toward getting something from Char-broil, though I've heard that recent models have been using thinner metal and are generally of lower quality. To begin with, I'm probably going to get a grill/smoker combo and keep it unmodified, until I can get another one and have a dedicated grill and smoker (I'd hate to mod up the one thing I have and not be able to grill a steak!).
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to SMF!! Glad to have you here.

I would recomend a silver smoker or something from Char-grill. The smoking pro is a nice beginner set-up.
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Welcome! I have to agree with the silver smoker. Mine has served me well over the last five years. and I have smoked quite a bit on it. Have fun
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Welcome to SMF. Take a look around and read up. There's tons of info here and plenty of folks who are happy to answer questions. :D
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Welcome to the forum Scrutley, glad to have you aboard! :)
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Actually, the silver smoker is the one I specifically heard was being made with thinner/cheaper metal now. I read consumer reviews on several retailer sites, and that was the #1 complaint. It could be one or two people 'review bombing' the product, but I just don't know.
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Welcome to the forum. Stick around here a bit and you'll be able to make an informed decision regarding your smoker. Lots of folks here with tons of experience.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome from another newbie.
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Welcome one from the silver state, you sound fired up and ready to enjoy the SMF. Congtrats on the new digs my friend, and I'm looking forward to yuor next smoke and Q too.
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Welcome Aboard!
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Welcome to SMF.
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welcome aboard, glad you could join us @ smf. Jeff's 5-day ecourse has a butt load of good stuff, it help me a lot when i first got here.

Good luck
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welcome to smf you'll enjoy this great people here need any idears just ask. i have a charbroil i converted to a watt burner makes a fair grill/smoker combo.
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Welcome, Scrutley! Keep surfin the forums and you'll get all the advice you need. The SMF are good people who want to help.
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Welcome aboard Scrutley!
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