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Hi all. MWM seeks MES, object smoked meat.

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Hi everybody,

I came across SMF while doing online research on electric smokers. My MES hasn't even been purchased yet, so obviously I'm the newest of newbies. So even though I don't have anything to contribute yet, the members here are so friendly & helpful, I had to join instead of just lurking.

I'll probably spend most on my time in the Electric Smokers thread. I'm going to post my first question over there after this, but wanted to "play by the rules" and introduce myself here first.

I live in Gilbert, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix) and have been here since moving from New Orleans in 1971. I love to cook, and my friends think I'm pretty good at it. Several of them have big side-firebox smokers, and I want to try my hand at smoking meat & fish, but without putting something that looks like a steam locomotive in my backyard. I enjoy pretty much every legal vice that involves consumption (food, beer, wine, whiskey, cigars) and spend as much time as I can manage sailing and RVing. OK, that's more than enough about me.

Thanks to all for what I've learned here already and I'm looking forward to learning a bunch more about smoking once I have my MES.

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Paul, welcome aboard! Glad to have you here and I'm looking forward to your input. :)
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Welcome aboard Paul!
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Welcome to smf.
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welcome, lots of MES users here, you make it sound like a locomotive in you back yard is a bad thing biggrin.gif alot of people are dreaming of a bigger locomotive half the time
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Welcome to SMF, Paul. You'll find lots of information all over the place here that you can apply to your MES when you get it.
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welcome to the board Paul.
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Hi Paul... Have fun
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to SMF.
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Hiya paul from Baton Rouge
Welcome to the family . I have a small locomotive and an MES. Best of both worlds.
I don't know anyone that moved from La. that isn't told how good their food is
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Glad to have ya at SMF. We all enjoy what new members contribute but dont forget to share some Qview.
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welocme aboard, glad you could join us here @ smf
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from Tucson- welcome Paul,I remember when Gilbert was Gilbert! U do have a couple good eats still there.glad to have another desert rat in SMF
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Hello Paul, glad to see you've come out of the shadows and into the limelight of the SMF. We'll be looking forward to your first smoke on that MES, and some Q View too.
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Welcome from Queen Creek.It's a great bunch, you'll like it here.
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Welcome Paul! Lots of great people here. Enjoy the SMF.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome aboard, Paul. So d'ya eat at Joe BBQ or Joes Farm Grill? I sure would like to get out there someday. Like it's way far or something.
Check the upcoming competitions...March 7 in the IKEA parking lot. C'mon out, meet a bunch of locals.
We get all the AZs together, we could have a quorum!
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Welcome Paul! Good luck w/ your MES. You'll get lots of good advice here. Lots of good folks.
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