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I fell down and couldn't get up!!

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I was smoking a butt and fell asleep. The butt got to about 200 around 1:30 AM next thing I knew it was 6:00 AM and the butt was 80 degrees. The ambient temp is 30 @ 6:30.
I know this is a close call but it's kinda like smoking the butt til it's 200 and then putting it in a fridge that's 30 degrees. Not knowing what to do I have put it in the oven to get it to 205.

UPDATE: I got it warm enough in the oven to pull and it tasted dang good so if I don't get sick in the next few hours it will be OK.
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Ok graybeard, not what ya want to hear but I got this off the USDA food safety site.

Discard any food left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours (1 hour if the temperature was above 90 °F).
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You'll be receiving NO points today.......
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As long as it was 30 degrees outside, I wouldn't worry about safety. It would take a long time to get it back up to temp. I would just try pulling it the way it is or slice it and stay awake next time.icon_smile.gif

Bubba's right. No pics, no points.
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Ah Ho


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I know this is not for everybody but i agree with bassman. i would be slicin' and choppin' that bad boy. Here is my reasoning, if i would take a 200* butt and throw it directly into the freezer @ 30*, i would be willing to bet it would have a very similar cool down rate as the one you described. just my thoughts on the subject

Good Luck
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I agree totally.
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when in doubt, throw it out
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I'd hit it.
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I see ya gave it a taste test, the uestion is are ya still kickin'?
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Pull it, slice it, dice it, it'll all be ok.
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still alive and well

After eating more than a pound and sharring a few porkers everyone is still alive and kickin. This butt was somewhat different. Not sure if it was the way it was PUT UP or not but it had less fat and more of a chewy texture. The pulled pork is kept in a plastic container and it is not sticking together at all.
Thanks too all that helped me save my BUTT!

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Glad it all worked out for you
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Raw meat maybe - but cooked ? That would be ridiculous.
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