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The mellow heat of ABTs

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Can Jalepeno be mellowed by the low/slow cooking, the cream cheese, or is it the prep/removal of veins/seeds that kills the fire?

I was expecting a bit heavier hit behind the my surprise, everyone loved 'em, me too! I have used Jalepeno now and then, for the past 25 years, and never had them as good, until my first ABT smoke a few days ago.

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Leave a nice thick line of white when removing the veins and you will be more impressed.
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Thats my experience.My brother and law would scoop everythig out and we like heat, so he just snips out seeds and leaves veins in now.I have also found the larger stuffers(Grande,Goliath,Mucho Nacho) are listed as 10-50 times hotter then normal japs, and found this true.
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I leave the ribs and a few seeds in them.
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It's all about what you want...and what your folks can handle. I leave everything in for mine and cut out as much as I can for the wife and kids. A seed here in there is no worry. Eventually you will evolve into wanting / needing more heat. It IS an addiction, you know. "The heat's just right when your head starts to sweat"
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just leave a little of the veins untill ya get the heat your looken 4
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I'm eatin a lot of these things these days. My experience is tellin me the smaller the hotter along with the seed and vein thing. I've also found the longer I cook them the mellower they get. If I'm smokin them and want them hotter I chop one up really small and mix it in with my filling whatever that is... now that takes it up a few notches. When I cook these on the grill they are much hotter than when I smoke them. I also just cut off a small slice off of one side so I can put the filling in. I take these extra pieces and put them in a bag with my extra sharp white cheese. Anything you use the cheese on later will have just a tad of jalapeno on it.
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Or you could do what I did. Use jalepenos for everyone else and stuffed a couple of habeneros for me. Trust me, you wont need more than a couple.
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