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Where did you get your element. Is it from an old stove?

I'm also going to ask for some help on placement for the heating element. Let's go with the idea that I'm using the 1500 watt thin fin from Grainger.

Heater,Strip,120 V
Stainless Steel Finned Strip Heater, Voltage Rating 120 Volts, Power Rating 1550 Watts, Overall Length 17 7/8 Inches, Mounting Dimension 16 7/8 Inches

Also how large of a vent should I put on the top... Should it go out the top back or straight up in the middle of the top. I'm having hard time coming up with ideas for that and how to dampen. I also assume that I will need some type of electrical wire that can withstand high temps.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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I think Mulepackin's element is a replacement element for a Brinkman stye unit like this one at Cabelas.

As for a vent, I made my own using 4 inch aluminum gas water heater vent pipe. Most plumbers also have dampers that can be used as well. The whole vent and damper is also available from places like Sausage Maker. Here's a link to one of them.

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I think Mulepackin's element is a replacement element for a Brinkman stye unit like this one at Cabelas.

Yep, thats what it is. Got mine at my local Ace Hardware. I went with something I felt was relatively easy and quick to replace if it broke down in the middle of a smoke. I also have a 4 in vent. I just used 4 in. stove pipe and pie pan damper. I don't thing this gives as fine of control as pipe and a tight fitting damper
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Here she is, finally completed!!

A picture of the heating element

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What type of material do you have around the door to seal it and where did you find?? Thanks.
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I am very impressed, it looks very professionally done; WOW !!!

After seasoning what are your smoking first and when? As I am interested in hearing how it works for you.
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I used the original seal from the fridge. It has a magnet built into it. So I left the stainless a little short on the edges so I could use it to stick to the fridge and form a good seal. It does seal nicely. My first smoke was 15 pounds of jerky. I have 9 shelves so I can get 45 lbs on her. So far I have done over 150 lbs of goods on it. I will post the pics hopefully tomorrow.

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Looking great Ron. Give us photos of her in action some time. Thanks for sharing.
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Keep us apprised of how its working for you. I'm especially interested in the Bradley smoke generator. I'm really thinking of putting one on mine.
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The Bradley smoke generator works great.. It puts out smoke like a champ. If a thin blue smoke was the only criteria to be a member of the Thin Blue Smoke, well I'd be in. It really does work nice. I think it is a little expensive to operate, but the flavor and ease is worth it. I think you could probably get close to 12 hours of smoke on one loading. I along with my brother gave some feedback on Bradley's site on a future commercial and the gift was a box of I believe 60 discs and a hat. I also got a free box when I bought it. So I'm not really sure how much per smoke, but I'm thinking close to 4 dollars.
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Your finished smoker looks great!

Congrats on a job well done! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Great Job! I'm jealous. points.gif
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Thank you everyone for your help and words of encouragement. It was a fun build and I use it usually twice a week. I want to build something similar to a lang now for the weekend barbeque's.

Thanks again everyone!!!

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wow..nice unit...

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Your finished smoker looks great.


How many pounds of meat can you do in a single batch?


Does the 1550 watt element hold the temp set point well with a full load of meat?


I envy your sheet metal fabricating skills.




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