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Cart Modification for MES. Nice! - Page 5

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Sweet thanks very well done. Thanks again.

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Great idea and makes a very nice looking cart.

Can I share this on another site?

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I was thinking of doing something like this.  Thank you for showing your work.  Should be really helpful in doing my own.

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Yep Just ordered this cart, I will be doing about the same mods?? Not for sure still searching for Ideas, Got this one off e-bay new for 78.00 free shipping. 



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hmmm just wondering about my masterbuilt 40 gas smoker i will have to look at doing this........

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Would this fit the 30" MES with the cold smoke attachment?  RimRock, I see that you built an extension, but was wondering if it may not be necessary for the 30".


Nice carts!  I'm looking for a solution to get my MES off of the ground with either a cart or casters also.

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Hey, I like it



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I am figuring on putting some shelves on the side for holding???? Well let's say beverages


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SoCal MESmoker, You probably will be able to fit the cold smoker on the rack with smaller smoker. I don't think you will need the extension.

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I'm going to have to get my brother to take me over to Sam's Club to check out the item.  Thanks for the cart mod idea!

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Great idea and nice post.  I built a box with a drawer and wheels to both elevate it and make it easier to move.  But when the MES was mounted it was top heavy and tipsy.  Your idea looks better.

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Just got mine in last night mostly put together

Just have to finish the ends there i cut for the side shelves, The last basket I had I cut using a metal saw blade on my hand held jig saw and then cleaned up the rough ends with the grinder. Will put a piece of stained plywood on the ends of the side shelves to finish things up.

This was a great project and at this time it was a great purchase for $80 + Free shipping.

A full smoker is a happy smoker

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Nice mod. Thanks for sharing.

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:Looks-Great: & CONGRATS on a nice modification of an existing and capable cart.  I just purchased a Smokin-it, model 3 smoker, but shun the thought of buying their cart for $199.99+ shipping.  Once it arrives and I get good measurements, your idea will inspire me to also seek a cheaper and very effective alternative, given a little ingenuity and minimal effort. 

YOU ROCK!th_INGardenbbq7.gif 

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Hey great idea 

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Pretty neat idea good job



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Cabela's has the MES cold smoker on sale right now for $59.99 in case anyone is interested.


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You guys that are building your Rheostats for the cold smoker, I am going to pick up an inline table light dimmer switch that can just be plugged in for about $7 at Menards (after 15% discount).  It says it handles 300W so I should be good to go.  Here is the link.


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Some of us po folk down in South Mississippi just use an old furniture dolly we have laying around from lets say like harbor freight, under $20 with quepons and such, YMMV.  :439:


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