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Fish thawed

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So, the freezer at the wife's work went T/U today so she is bringing close to a 100 lbs of Salmon home. Just so happens I am off work after having surgery on the shoulder. They will go into the brine tonight then into both the MES and the little chief. Q-view to follow. Pretty lucky that the temps here in the Seattle area will be mid 50's to lower 60's. Usually much cooler.
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Wow! That's going to be fun. :) Have you thought about canning some?
Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it's healing fast for ya.
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100 pounds of salmon huh, so she must have got 2 of those Fall Kings I caught in Oregon eh?biggrin.gif ....Sounds like some serious smoking will be going on!

Wet brine, Dry brine?
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Going into a wet brine, Have only caught one 50 pounder but the wife at one time was a commercial fisher person and have caught more than we could count.

Shoulder is healing but it is amazing how much you use your strong hand once it is out of the picture
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That's a serious amount of salmon. Can't wait to see what you do with it
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