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Pork stuffed with pork wrapped in pork Q-View

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prepping for a big party on saturday.

Breakfast sausage
whole milk mozzarella
Spicy Red Pepper Tomato Sauce (absent on picture day)
wrapped in pancetta

Next up

-Fried onions, Mushrooms, Garlic
-Wrapped in Taylor Ham/pork Roll (its NJ thing, its delicious and more things should be wrapped in it)
-Wrapped in the bacon weave
-Covered in my 13spicerub :)

I apologize for the crappy cell phone pics. still can't find my battery charger.

I know the bacon and taylor ham will keep out some of the smoke but its so flavor packed already i think it'll still be a success.

Q-view coming on saturday along with a canadian bacon i've been curing.

the pancetta one will be sprinkled on top with parmesan cheese when its almost done cooking.
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Nice! Cant wait to see the finished product.
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Sounds good. I'll be back to see how they turn out. icon_smile.gif
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looks good
icon_smile.gif waitin on the finished pics
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Looking good. Waiting on the finished pics.
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Nice looking fatties.
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Sure looks good so far!
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Nice work with the Taylor ham! That looks like a great idea. I now have to try a Taylor ham, egg & cheese fatty. Thanks for sharing.
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waking up in 7 hours to start the Q. it feels like x-mas eve lol
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the coals are lit in the chimney. it's a scorching 28 degrees (18 with the wind chill). never cooked in this cold of a temperature. should be a learning day. got 2 fresh bags of charcoal, lets hope i dont go through both for a 3-4 hour smoke
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Really neat ideas for some fatty's. Hope they are as tasty as they look!
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its pretty cold out there but smoker temp is staying where it needs to be.

decided to throw on a couple ABTs as well

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a full smoker is a beautiful thing

the pancetta tastes great but it is ridiculously fatty. really greasy and didn't hold the fatty together like bacon. not the prettiest thing but a great experiment

the bacon weave held everything together wonderfully.

waiting for the canadian bacon to come to temp. then slicing everything and its HOCKEY TIME. we got a fridge full of beer and the NHL package. a ton of games on today. topped off by UFC 95 tonight
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Can't wait to see a slice of the Taylor Ham wrapped Fattie. Great job!
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Looking mighty good.

Points for originality. Sorry -- and surprised -- that the pancetta didn't work.
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looks great..would luv to try them
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