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I am from Livonia, it's about 30 minutes south of Rochester.
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I got a smoking pro as well. It was my first offset and like Dutch said...the price of the smoker and the mods are relatively cheap. The other things is that it come with a charcoal tray and can be used for grilling. With the large grill area, its great for large smokes or grilling a bunch of burgers all at once.
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Welcome aboard, i hope you have good luck in your search for an offset. i found mine on craigslist. it took awhile but it has been worth it. seem around here the people who post them on craiglist do so 'cause they just want them gone and the low prices they move fast.

Again welcom and good luck
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Welcome to SMF!
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Well, the decision has been made.

The Bar-B-Chef no longer exists according to and the Royal Oak is easily $400 with the side fire box. 400 bones is way more than I want to spend.

I am going with the Char-Griller and reading up on my mods.
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Welcome aboard and good luck with your new rig, whatever you choose.
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I use an MES electric, so I'm not much help here. Welcome, though, and plenty more help will soon be coming your way.
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hey Swede, Welcome to SMF from a fellow NY'er.
I been looking at the Char-Griller also, seems to be a heavy unit with a fair price. It's also the only desent one I found locally so far.
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