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5 lb. chuck - view

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hey guys and gals,
i haven't posted in a while 'cause i just bought a house and blah, blah, blah... here's the chuck. i'm trying something different today in light of the "foil - no foil" and "mustard - no mustard" questions. generally, i use mustard and then foil at 170*. today, no mustard, no foil, using a peach/pecan combo and smoking @ 240*. i'm expecting this to take a lot longer to reach the deisred temp, but my theory is better bark will result. i'll post my findings in due time.

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You're off to a good start my friend. keep us posted.
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I can't wait to see the results.
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I'm eager to see the results too. I've done butts and ribs with and without foil but all my chuckie's have been foiled.
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Keep us posted...looking forward to your findings.
Lookin good!!!
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here it is 4 hours in.
i just hit it with a modified (added cayenne pepper sauce) soflaquer's sauce. i had some red potatoes laying around so i threw those on there as well.
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That's a good looking chuck. Thanks for the Qview.
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8 hours in... i hit a 2 hour stall at 151*.
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Lookin good

I am interested in how it turns out!
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It's lookin' good!
Congratulations on the new house and welcome back. :)
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Looks great, fine job!
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Looks real good. I have 2 in the freezer and might just be smoking one up this weekend PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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good lord! i'm over 12 hours in now and the meat is holding steady at 174*. i'm pretty drunk now and my mouth is watering... be strong GUV, be strong.............
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Good things come to those that wait and great things come to those who wait even longer. Looks great so far.
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Hang in there!!!!

Wait...wait...wait for the signal...

Looks and sounds great...patience, and the reward will be a crazy good meal!

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I like your gas ECB....your bike...and taters.

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well, it's 1:17am now and the meat has been at 186* for an hour... but i won't let it win, damn it!!! i can wait. i don't know how much longer thoughconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif
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LMAO!! That is just too funny!!!
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Is it drunk yet....I mean is it done yet???biggrin.gif
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i ended up pulling it out at 195* at about 4:15 am (19 hours). i think that most of the reason it took so long was that i had a few temp issues nearing the finish line. first i ran out of propane, then i hooked up a different empty tank i had laying around, by the time i got the third tank hooked up the meat had already dropped in temp from 188* to 185*. it took a long time to recover from that mishap. in addition, it got really cold here last night and snowed this morning so every time i turned around the smoker was losing precious degrees by the tens! any how, i took it out, wrapped it in foil and a towel, put it in a cooler and went to bed. my initial thoughts are this: the meat most definitely has a better (dry-er) bark. some pieces of the meat are down-right burnt ends! i couldn't really tell a big difference in the mustard controversy though. the meat had shrunk substantially from raw (by half, maybe), and was more dry than when i use foil. one thing is for sure... it's REALLY good! the bottom line? i think i'll be foiling large meats from now on, and i kinda like the mustard even if you can't taste it. if i we're to do this over again, i would rub with mustard, smoke to 175* then foil. i think that would be a happy medium for the bark/time/juicyness ratio.
thanks for watching

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