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Welcome! Looks like you are getting a lot of help with your project, so I'm gonna go off ona little side-bar... Where in Germany are you? I grew up on a now closed AF base called Bitburg and my son is now stationd over there. The Germans are known for their smoked meats but not for their BBQ. I miss the old country and go back as often as I can. Have fun, and thanks for your service!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Purchase Jeff's rub and meat sauce here from the forum. Ya can't go wrong. Then you can tweak the rub to your liking. Good luck.
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welcome aboard, glad you joined us @ smf.

all i have to say is do not get discouraged, the dogs in the neighborhood eat well when i first started. they still do when i try some new things. keep pluggin' away, toubleshootin' and asking uestions. i promise you will soon be makin better que than you could ever buy.

Good luck
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Welcome aboard! I use a small red potatoe to hold my probes at the grate. Does your rub have a lot of sugar...particularly white sugar? If so it will burn even at lower temps. A lot of us use demurara or some other type of sugar to avoid the burn.
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