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Slap Ya Mama's Rump

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REPOST from 11/08

Smoked a rump roast yesterday.
Hard ta tell if you got a good one when they all look like this in the freezer.

Not bad!!

This is what I used for a rub.

Slathered w/ A1

The "Rub"

Off to the smoker with some taters

Smoked at 250 with hickory til 150 internal......about 5.5 hours

Forgot to get the cooler out of the barn. It was about 30 degrees out so I figured I'd just be cooling the roast down if I used it. Ended up just wrapping it up in a moving blanket and put it on the counter for the rest period.

Cut in half - the half on the right has no bone in it, so it was put in the fridge to be sliced, in the slicer, tonight for sammies. The half on the left I just hacked up for din-din.

Plated with the taters and some chili I made on Saturday.

It came out great.....Nice and Tangy!
Gonna make some graet sammies!!
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That's a very nice hunk o beef.
That slap ya mama's is some good stuff.
Made about 35 min from the house as is tony chachere's. They are the 2 most known but there are alot better commercial cajun seasoning here in La. tony c's is way to salty for me but so are most of the commercial blends.
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Totally agree with ya eman!
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Slap ya Mama is the best. Eat it on my eggs every morning..Nice looking roast grothe
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That looks really good. Good enough to eat in fact. biggrin.gif
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Congrats on the Q. That rub sounds like something I'm gonna try. Thanks for sharing.
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Greata looking roast. Thanks for the Qview.
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Excellent Meat Gene. Like the blanket.
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Good looking stuff there.
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Mighty tasty looking feast Gene! Thanks for posting. cool.gif
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