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Got my Trailer and Tank!!

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Ok I picked up my tank on Sunday. It is on the trailer that it will be mounted to. Now I need a welder!!!! Wish me luck!!
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Good luck! biggrin.gif
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Hey, I've got a new little welder.. bring it on over. lol You'll have to show me how to weld first though. biggrin.gif
Good luck with your build!
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Wherrrrrrreeee's the pics?????
and good luck!!
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I will try and get a couple tonight. Battery in the camera was dead and after the furnace died charging it wasn't on the top of the list.
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Your new project should be at the top of the list now!! biggrin.gif
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It is! And thanks to Monkey Butt I have a pretty good idea how I want to mount it. I am still toying with a couple of different firebox ideas, and I have a couple of engineer friends of mine putting together a "stoker" system for me. As I progress with the project I will post pictures.
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ain't that damn camera charged yet?
I know you just joined this month, but that's long enough to know that us old men needs pix of ---either nekked wimins or smoker projects.
get ta postin.
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Heh-heh-heh...this is funny...You need a welder, or, a weldin' machine?

I got one of each sittin' right here...not sayin' they're fer rent right at the moment, but, they're here!!!

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I'm calling a friend of a friend today that has his own weld shop. I will keep you all posted. And I will try and take a few pictures today of the trailer and tank tonight and get them posted.
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ok, now i'm really start'n to think you're a teaseicon_smile.gif
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Yeah I've been slacking! I will get them up soon. I am going to do a brisket flat on Saturday so I will be out tinkering in the garage.

My welder fell through, he is going to have shoulder surgery next week and will be out of service for months. I still have feelers out there. I will keep you posted.

And the pictures will be up by the end of the Saturday.
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Grats and good luck!
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