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Cornish game hen help

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Hello all,
Great site here...tons of good info.
I smoked the bacon/swiss/mushroom meatloaf over the weekend...turned out awesome! Thanks for the sticky!
To the point of this do you all smoke your Cornish game hens. I've got six hens slowly thawing in the fridge for next weekend, and I've never smoked them before.
Thanks in advance,
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Just like you would a chicken. Due to its smaller size it will take a lot less time to cook.
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Try to get your temps around 300 and go for an internal temp of 170. Good luck smoking the birds. Some cold beer is always a good thing as well.
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I just smoked 2 cornish game hens the other day. My first. I used my temperature probe in the breast but there is not enough meat to get an accurate reading. I smoked them for 2 hours at 275 and they turned out great. I also brined them over night. Do them just like a chicken...
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Lots of great advice already!

One thing I like to do is brine them and add smoked sausage under the skin.

They come out pretty tender and moist.

Good luck with them and take pics for us if you get the chance. :)
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Wow, cowgirl, thanks for the repost!
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When I smoke any type of bird I place a slab of fat back above the breast ( I have a electric and a propane smoker with adjustable shelves and drip pan) I put the bird close to the drip pan and one shelve above I put the fat back, there's another use for the smoked fat back, I put it in my green beans, collards and pork and beans. just my .2wink.gif
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When I do them for guests, I do beer can cornish game hens. I use those little starbucks esspresso cans and fill them (3/4 full actually) with Dr Pepper, EVOO and onion. Cook them at 300 until they hit 155-160. Remove from heat, cover with foil and let them carry past 165.
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