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Welcome Andy! I'm down the road to the South of ya...

Check out Academy Sports. They usually have a decent mix of heavier steel backyard type pits. Depending on how much your looking to spend, there are also a plethora of builders in Tx. that build some really great pits. I would also suggest checking out craigslist as there are usually a number of folks looking to unload pits.

If ya ever want to hang around when we've got one of our largish trailer pits going, let me know!
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Speaking of which, the Prez has the wrong idea on a stimulus bill - if he'd ok a deep discount on smokers, imagine what that would do for our economy! Say a discount coupon card like what's on the converter boxes - buy a smoker of your choice at 65% off, no limit to size or price. Now, the price of gas is going to go down because people will be staying home to Q, price of meat will go down because more people will buy it in bulk at a lower price, families will bond together more staying at home eating together, divorce rates will lower, everyone will have a BBQ sauce smile on their faces, the napkin industry will flourish which are produced domestically, increasing the GNP, and pollution will abate as gas fumes will be replaced with Q fumes! It'll solve all of mankind's ills! POWER TO THE Q! biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gifbiggrin.gif
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