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Seared Chuck Roast For My Butcher

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I took my green ribs back tonight and was promptly exchanged and tossed me an extra rack for him. I then talked for awhile when I asked if he ever did a chuck roast on his smoker and said no, might be a little dry? I said no and we looked in the case and there were only little ones. He said follow me and went in the cooler where he pulled one from the box and kinda shook it to see how fat is was I am guessing. Carried it over to the bench and cut the cryovac open and whacked off the end and we both agreed it would be a keeper. Here it is.

5.4# some marbleing but doesnt show, it was very fine and got hidden by the flash.

I rubbed it with this, then oiled it up with EVO for some fire.

Made my drip pan for a finishing sauce.

On the Weber at 700+' for the sear.

Fire, it's a good thing.

Went into the smoker at 80'.

I am in the process of
figuring out what to use on the ribs and they will go on the top rack next.

I plan to take the chuck to at least 160' and foil at 185' till morning for the pull.

Wish me luck, never did one like this.
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It's looking good so far, Ron. biggrin.gif
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ive noticde you sear a lot of your meats, why do you do this?
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Tic Toc Tic Toc..........

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Lookin good as usual, Ron! Drum roll pleasebiggrin.gif
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Just did one Sunday, Ron, and let me tell you, the family LOVED it!!! I kept it real simple (the way bbq bubba would want it), and it tasted like an overgrown, fork-tender, smoked steak!! The sear is magical, as far as I'm more great tip I got from good ol' SMF!wink.gif
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Here it is.

Ready for the rest at 165'.

In the pan with aujus.

This am, soooo tender insert fork and twist. I am going to take it as is after skimming any fat off of the aujus and let him pull it there.

That's all.
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Looks great Ron...Your butcher is in for a real treat...WTG!!!!
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I like the added flavor and color, been searing for years even if not smoking. I used to do pulled pork in the oven that way low and slow.

I took the ribs and the chuck about 1pm still hot. When I opened the pan he said, "DUDE take at least half for yourself" I said no way man I made it for you. He pulled a piece off and said "**** this $%$#^% is going home man." I guess he usually shares with co-workers, not this time.

He then tore offf a rib bone and the same response.

Then he said, "Dude Let me know what you want next, maybe a whole top sirloin?" Damn those are expensive and weigh 8 - 12 pounds. Maybe I'll take him up on that soon.

All in all a very satisfied butcher.

Thanks for watching.
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You know how to shweeeet talk em Ron!
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