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I honestly don't think the insulation on the outside had an effect on the hot spot. I think it has more to do with the heat coming around the edges of the water pan. Your idea of a diffusior to mix the hot air together before it gets up in the smoker.... right over the water pan.... I think is the best solution. It's really not a big problem.. I could move the meat around a little sometime during the smoke and probably eliminate most of it.... but what fun would that be.
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I put a cookie sheet over the waterpan... seems to help, but still not a fix all... I am thinking if the vent on top was on the left side it would have helped some of the hot spots... All of mine are on the right side of the unit... direct path to the vent.

Just my thoughts on it,
aka Rocky
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I want to use this on the beach. Any ideas on battery-operated (or other) portable pumps? Perhaps some sort of small, portable pressurized oxygen cylinders similar to the CO2 things used to power airguns?
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battery-operated air pump

Hi Group This is Dennis from Smoke Daddy.
I offer a battery-operated air pump. I don't think using pressurized oxygen cylinders or C02 would be a good idea I think it would get to hot and melt the screen. I have upgraded The Big Kahuna with a larger output tube and a heavier screen. I just smoked 2 small pigs using the Smoke Daddy. Thanks for thinking of the Smoke Daddy. Link to
Link to Smoked Pig video
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Nice Mods.....looks really nice!


Got the MB Dual Fuel Pro for Christmas.  Did some mods to include the MB shelf that they make for the electric.  It is a nice size shelf to hold things.  It can hold the Maverick, a pot of mopping sauce, your gloves, and whatever you need.   It folds down when not in use.  With making the drill holes on the shelf, a little bigger attached it to me Dual Fuel.  Found it for $9 on   Based on the box, Masterbuilt says that it fits most of their smokers.  Funny, they didn't advertise it much.  I got rid of the factory external thermometer and installed the River Country 3-inch calibrating thermometer in the door ...from Amazon.  Really nice, accurate, and can read the large numbers on the dial (getting old).  And you can calibrate it with a screw on the back, if it should happen to get a little off.  Nice cuz I can see where the dial is at from the door of my house...don't go outside unless I need to do something.  Nice little mods to make life better. 


Also, getting a garden cart (wagon) to put the smoker and propane tank so I can wheel out from the house.  Also will put some plywood side inside so that the wind can't blow out my pilot at the bottom.  Also, a nice place to store my wood chunks and get me a big plastic container to put therms and other stuff ...all on the cart.


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I read above about your mods, have a few questions. Is that Hardiplank still working, and how fragile is it? Haven't ever messed with it before, is it like brittle Styrofoam board, in that if it gets bumped it'll shatter or splinter?


I'm looking to possibly do that mod, along with adding a Smoke Daddy, to a Smoke Hollow  44" vertical propane smoker. I'm in the very, very windy Texas Panhandle, and swirling, gusting winds are almost always present except for a few weeks in summer, and I'm afraid those winds will create cool spots in the thin metal walls of a vertical set up. 


BTW, did you paint that Hardiplankblack, or did it come that way?



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TR.. The hardboard worked great. It isn't brittle at all and is a very stable material. I painted it black and that held up excellent also. It did help with heat retention.
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Great! Thanks for the quick answer! I'm looking forward to doing the same to that Smoke Hollow unit. Also glad to read the guy from Smoke Daddy corrected some of the issues you mentioned.

Take care!

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No problem. Let me know how it turns out.
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Did you get your baffles built? If so was it a helpful improvement?
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It's been awhile back but if I remember correctly it helped some but not to the degree I had hoped.

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Pignit. What's best way to install the hardibacker board onthe smoker? Just got an elite and want to mod it before I assemble it.
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Hey Elmer..... I just made sure I wasn't hitting anything important on the inside and bolted it to the outside with small bolts with big washers. Really doesn't take much. You can see from the pictures how many I used and where on mine......... I think I used 1/4 inch bolts.

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That's what it looked like in the pic just wasn't sure if you epoxied it or just bolted. Thanks for the quick feedback and the idea. Lot better then the "blanket"
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Got a Masterbuilt Pro DF over the holidays. Already made a few modifications--thanks to ideas from this forum and others.

I added a Halex connector on the side for the temp probes and applied nomex gasket tape on the door to minimize smoke leakage around the door. Pictures below.

Next mods include installing a shelf and maybe applying hardibacker board on the sides, back, and top. Also, plan to build a cart for it.

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Made a few more modifications to the Masterbuilt pro. After several attempts, I finally received the "right" shelf for my smoker. So I installed that.

Then I took my maverick 733 transmitter wire stand, disassembled it, and attached the plastic clip piece of the stand to the shelf. So now the transmitter is securely positioned on the smoker. Looks good and also very clean.

Plan to smoke some chickens this weekend!

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