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Monday Night Baby Backs

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On the way home tonight, decided to make a pitstop and pick up some Baby Backs. Don't have to be in until 4 afternoon for work, so said "what the heck",,,Beer and ribs on a Monday night. Has to be a hockey game on or I could watch Junior wreck out half the field at Daytona on the DVR. Enjoy...

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Looks really great!!!
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Nice job. icon_smile.gif They look really good.
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Nice job on the ribs, Vickers had it coming as well as Bush.
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Nice looking ribs.Go caps.
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Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well they are done. Tried the Sweet Baby Ray's. It's an ok sauce. Nice and tasty they are...Smoked with Apple. Thanks for the points. ALX, right on with the Caps. Sitting at the top. Brother has season tickets.

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Mighty tasty looking BB's my friend.
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Oh my, those are some pretty ribs! Makin' me hungry.
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ya babyrays is OK-have you thought of making your own?so many ways to play-take notes on your trys as u progress
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I need to try and make my own. Bunch of recipes, never done it though. Like the Head Country. Good stuff. If I could make it that good, I would. Any good recipes you want to pass my way?
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Ribs look great nice job!!
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Please forgive me for a dumb question but why is the temp probe in the apple? Is the apple to eat or are you timing the ribs this way?

Anyway great looking ribs, I plan on smoking some tomorrow afternoon.
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Mmmm... great looking ribs! cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I just put the probe through the apple to hold it there. That's it. Thanks for all the good comments
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Lookin good Cajun. U have inspired my meal tonight. Happy smokes.
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I'll bring the beans!

Looks very tasty
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Awesome lookin BB's Cajun!!
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Those look mighty tasty!!
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