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New Member - Old Smoker

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Greetings from Upstate South Carolina! I have lived and worked here (with occasional trips out of the country) almost my entire life, and still find lots of interesting stuff to do. We are about an hour from serious (for the East, anyway) mountains, and 4 hours from the coast. What's not to like?

I was smoking turkeys way back in the 1980s, when my father-in-law showed me his secret rub and bought me a Brinkmann smoker for Christmas. That smoker lasted me 20 years of occasional use. I wanted to expand my meat horizons (and not manage a charcoal fire for hours on end) so several months ago I bought a Kenmore gas-fired smoker and have used it successfully several times. With spring coming on, I can't wait to do some serious experimentation with different woods and meats!

One of my sons is an avid bird hunter, and recently brought down several ducks and geese. I have caught the bird-hunting bug myself - unfortunately the season here ended yesterday, so we'll have to cook what's in the freezer, then just be satisfied with what comes from the store. At least until mid-April - turkey season!!

I have already spent a good bit of time looking over old posts, and am amazed at the collective knowledge out there. Props to those who are willing to share, and to help us who are trying to learn. I am sure I'll be asking lots of questions.

Happy cooking!
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Welcome aboard Brian..Glad to have you here! :)
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welcome to the site i'm sure there will be answers for your ?'s I found there are alot of friendly people who like to help on here
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Welcome to SMF. I am glad that you joined us. There certainly is alot of knowledge around here.
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SC birdman

Welcome Birdman. I like the idea of a double wall that Kenmore utilizes. Bet your mileage is better than most GOSM's.

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Welcome.I slip into the appalachia mts.(hills) a few times a year to hunt myself.Cant beat smoked turkey.
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Say Brian, welcome to the SMF. Plenty of hunters here who like to smoke. You're in good company.
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welcome to the forum, I hope you find all your smoking needs and more
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Welcome to the SMF. I'll bet you can pick up some new ideas here to enhance your smoking experience. I always say, you're never too old to learn something new. I'm living proof of that!biggrin.gif
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Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome birdman, from another Carolinian (Charlotte), I have not been a member here long, but what I have learned is huge.
Good Luck, maybe we 'll see ya in the mountains.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Brian from Pittsburgh, PA.............I am a fellow bird hunter as well.........Perhaps we can exchange recipes!
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welcome aboard, that is a great area of SC to be in, glad you joined us here @ smf
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