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Overnight brisket. Repost.

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Thanks to Grothe for finding a way to recover some lost posts. This is a repost of some brisket qview from the Virtual Overnighter back in November '08.


Here is my contribution to the virtual overnight smoke. Lots of pics. Here you go.

10 lb brisket out of the cryopac

Slathered with mustard and rubbed down.

In the smoker

Abts are on, put above the brisket so the bacon drips onto the beef but some cream cheese dripped on also. just brushed it off.

Abts are done

Brisket cruising along

Put on a breakfast fattie

Fattie is done

Blue berry pancakes, fresh blueberries, blue berry syrup inside JD breakfast sausage

Put on a wild turkey breast and whole pheasant. Both were brined and wrapped in bacon

More to come due to picture limits per post.....
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Here are the rest of the pics

Turkey breast is done

Pheasant is done

Brisket out of the foil after a couple hours in the cooler. It took a total of about 13 hrs in the smoker.

Sliced some of the brisket

And pulled some of it.

The over night smoke was great. Even though I did fall asleep for a little bit. Everything still came out good. Thanks for checking the qview.
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Once again, thanks for sharing a great smoke & Q too. Nice smoke ring my friend.
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Mmmmm Wutang! Still looks awesome. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Somehow I missed this the first time and just found the repost.
Awesome smoke Wutang!! Glad ya were able to find it!
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Oooooooooh, thanks for re-posting that. Awsome stuff, I have never had smoked pheasant, but sounds wonderfull......A+ Everything looks awsome!

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Sliced some of the brisket

And pulled some of it.

The over night smoke was great. Even though I did fall asleep for a little bit. Everything still came out good. Thanks for checking the qview.[/quote]

Thanks for posting. I've tried for brisket like that, but it's never worked out. Is there a link to a How To for this? Or.....past the mustard slather, what rub? Temps? How long, etc, etc, etc,
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Hmmm. If I remember right the temps were around 230-240. That is usually about what I shoot for. The rub was just something I mixed up on the fly. Paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, Montreal steak seasoning-whatever looked good from the spice cabinet. I wrapped it in foil when it hit about 160F and then took it above 200F internal temp. It sat in a cooler for about 2 hrs before slicing/pulling. I can't remember what wood I used-probably pecan.

Sorry for the incomplete answers-This was a repost of a smoke from Nov. that was lost in the database crash. I guess I have had too many beers since then to remember all the details.biggrin.gif
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Brisket looks really good..
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It all looks (looked) wonderful, thanks for sharing again.
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Thanks for the repost. Working 12 hour shifts right now but I have the smokin fever. This q-view just fueled the fire! Whooo haaaa

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Good times

I don't remember the 1st set of pics but I'll tell ya what, these ones are excellent!! You did have a full smoker that night and hopped into chat for a bit with us. Glad you found the pics and re-posted. We'll have another overnight smoke soon ...
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What a feast!
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That looks awesome!! I think I'm going to substitute some sliced pastrami or beef fry for the bacon (to keep it all kosher)...but boy am I inspired---and I remember the original post!

Keep on smokin'!
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That's cool bro,

I dig that breakfast fattie, blueberry pancake filled fatty in the smoker in the morning,

yea, nice
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