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Another post found - Breakfast Sandwich 10-20-08

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I was inspired by Phil S to try this

Bacon Weave Flat in the smoker

Need leaner bacon next time!!

Smoked until crispy

I really liked the bacon from the smoker much better than fried. It wasn't greasy at all. BTW...I put another rack on top of the weave to keep it flat.

Fried 6 eggs w/ a small chopped onion,minced garlic, salt, & pepper just enough so that they weren't runny. Layed that out intop of the bacon

Sauted some mushrooms

Put those on top of the eggs

Topped that with a thick layer of cheese and back in the smoker

Cheese is melted

Let cool off then flipped it over onto a plate

Cut into squares and put on top of a bagel. Put the sandwich back in the smoker to warm up and toast the bagel.

Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel.....only better.
Forgot to take a pic of the one w/ hot salsa on top.....MMMMMMM
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Wow. I'm a huge fan of breakfast sandwiches abd this just looks AWESOME!!! eek.gif
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That looks phenominal.
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I'm glad you found this one Gene! It's one of my favorites. biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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awesome. doing some variation of this on saturday.
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That looks great.
why not just put another bacon weave on top and skip the bagel?
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I do the same thing with a 6x6 weave, but in my 15" cast iron skillet. When just right, it gets cut into 4 squares - perfect for BLTs!
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very cool idea.
Bacon mat, I like
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breakfast on the smoker- KEWL!

I like it! Great presentation and you win a point! YEA!

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I love breakfast sandwiches and your post just gave me another entry on my to-do list, which is starting to get long.....
Thanks for posting !!!
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I gotta spend less time here, too many great looking foods and spring is coming. Nice job, looks great, yadda, yadda, yadda. biggrin.gif Points!
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Looks good! I'm a real breakfast man myself.

What I have done in the past is wrap a bacon weave around a pork loin and smoke it to about 155 internal, then slice it about 3/8" thick in the morning and sear it in my cast iron skillet and make a sandwich on a toasted bagel with 2 over-medium eggs and a slice of monterey jack. It gets you going!
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Egg McGroth........ Shweeeeet!
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