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bourbon chicken

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has anyone ever cooked bourbon chicken in their smoker? My recipe says to braise it until chicken is done. I've done that but my grill was too hot. I'd like someones else's take on what I should try next time. I braised it for an hour and my chicken was tough instead of tender. Any answers out there?
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An hour was not a long enough braise. Probably more like 1 1/2 to 2 hours, maybe more, depends on the size of what you are braising.
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Just try and do it again for a longer time. Braising works great.
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Another question

What temp should I using when braising? My chicken was bite size pieces in a bourbon sauce. The suce is supposed to thicken just a little , not a lot. Is there a trick to it?
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I think with it being bite sized it is going to cook up quick no matter what temperature. Is there any chance you could leave it in larger pieces while it cooks and cut it up afterward?
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