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Picked Up My Drums Today!!!

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I was able to find two........count them two drums. One contained new 5-W30 motor oil and the other Olive Oil. Assuming the one with the olive oil is a food grade a "burn out " would not be necessary.......right? Fortunately they are both marked and my reading skills are such that I won't confuse the two. LOL
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Very cool!What are you plans? How big are the drums? You got any pics?
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They are 55 gallon drums. I have already built my UDS and my neighbors were so impressed with my skills that they asked me to build them one as well. Should go into the UDS business. LOL
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Talked to a guy last night who might have some barrels. He mentioned that barrel build quality is related to the intended product. The more problematic the content (hazard) the thicker and stronger the barrels are built.

I presume you want the heaviest you can get?

Where did you get the olive oil barrel? I've called a few food places and they have all told me their barrels are recycled and I can't have one.
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I have a friend who owns a International Food Supply Business here in Pittsburgh and he was able to get me one.

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some barrels have a liner in them, not sure if yours does or not.if ya can get anymore let me know i been wanting to get one and try it out.i'm local
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Congrats on the purchase, John. Be careful on the burnout of the one that had the motor oil in it. I'm not that well versed in UDS builds but hopefully someone will be along to let you know the precautions of burning out either drum.

You're on the way towards a fun project. Can't wait to see some pics! You going to paint one black and the other gold?? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Not a bad idea...........One Black..........and one Gold.......I like it!

Why should I be cautious about the burnout of the drum with the motor oil? I always thought that the burnout will rid the drum of the contaminates. Burnout......wire brush.......wash........dry. Am I right?
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You'll be fine with both barrels, burn on my good man.
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Good luck with your build!

I'm planning on starting my first UDS here shortly and I can't wait. A man can only tolerate Famous Dave's and Smokey Bones so many times. eek.gif
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Nothing like doing it yourself...........So satisfying!
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WHAT!! Where are the pics of the build?? icon_evil.gif

Or did I miss them? biggrin.gif

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Building one this spring as well. I want something that will get me a good long burn so that I can do some overnight cooks. Plus, you can never have too many smokers, IMHO.

Looking forward to seeing your pics.
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Well I need a welder for my smoker needs. You aren't that far away...haha. Make sure you post some pictures when you are done!!
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Ok, the newbie has got a dumb one. What is a UDS? --- --- smoker? Where can I see a pic?
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A UDS is an Upright Drum Smoker made from a 55 gallon Steel Barrel. If you search UDS you will be able to see tons of pictures and ideas on how to build one.

Take care, John
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Ugly Drum Smoker
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I don't think they are so ugly........."Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"..........I think they are just pretty. LOL
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we had the same discussion the other day, ugly vs upright for the U in UDS
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I really do not know how to post pictures.........I tried to register with PhotoBucket but it wouldn't allow me to use my "handle" (BandCollector) so I kind of gave up. I probably need someone to walk me through the photo process. PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif

Thanks, John
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