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1st attempt

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I'm smoking meat ( chuck steaks) for the 1st time and so far I am failing. Temp took a dump so I had to start over with the coals. I think I put too much wood chips cuz I tried a tiny piece and it tasted too smokey. I think I didn't use enough coals. Any advise for future smokings? How much coal and wood chips should I use ? Should I soak the chips in water ?
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Don't soak the wood. Use chunks. I guess more coals. My 2 cents.
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This is the beauty of smoking. You get to keep on doing it until you satisfy yourself. Remember to keepthe smoke thin and blue. You don't won't the smoke fogging out. Just a nice little smoke.
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How do I keep the temp up? I took the meat off and added more coals and it appears too much lighter fluid and alost blew myself up lol
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Don't use lighter fluid. Get a charcoal chimney to start your charcoal.
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For higher temps, try lump charcoal. Backoff on the amount of wood, if possible use a chunk at a time, and see how that works out. Remember that you don't always have to see the TBS, if you can smell it, it's doing it's thing.
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I just got done with my chucks. At 1st I was having issues and freaking out but WOW ! Damn good tasting steaks !!! I am going to turn this into a hobby and addiction ! Lol I have pics I will post tomorrow.
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Glad to hear it came out good Rizer! Looking forward to the pics!
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I spent my first smoke agonizing over the details, and second guessing myself, and pretty darn sure it wasn't going to be edible, and you said...WOW, dang good tasting. If you only learn one small thing each time you smoke, you'll have it down in a summer's worth of weekends. Glad it came out well!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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It really did come out great ! Then the next day I sliced up the leftovers and through it in a pan with some bbq sauce and made sandwiches. Very gooooood !
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Yep.... Rizer... that's the really sad part about all of this. We just have to keep goin back and workin on it until we get it right.
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Just one thing ya gotta do....

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! I know it's hell, but it has to be done.. FORCE yourself to seek out the best buys in meats, DEMAND you create the time to TBS, GARNER the right tools to pay homage with, SACRIFICE the time necessary to perfect your craft, and above all, HONOR the obligation to eat what you create! WITH GUSTO! (and, preferably a beer or two too!). Then... INVITE the neighbors, feed them your masterpieces and then, SHOW THEM THE WAY, THE LIGHT, THE TRUTH, AND SMF! Always remember - "He who smokes then eats alone... lives WAAYY too far from anyone else!"

biggrin.gif Pops §§ biggrin.gif
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Did someone here say lighter fluid? I think I threw up a little in my mouth......sorry.
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