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Nitrites Nitrates in the news

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Hello all. This morning I heard an interesting segment on the National news. Had to do with nitrites and nitrates in smoked and cured meats. I have heard so many different schools of thought on this, thought I'd see what some on this forum stand. The news story was how there was now a link between childhood luekemia (spelling?) and the nitrites/nitrates in cured meats. Now it was to my understanding that the nitrites/nitrates break down after cooking to the point of almost not being an issue. Am I wrong on that? Also, what is the average Nitrite level in root vegetables? Nitrites are used by almost ALL farmers with the exception of organic framers. It was an interesting piece so any comments or input on this would make for a good discussion. Im sure in 10 years or so, the government will issue a different report saying that nitrites are now good for you. You know how they flip flop on stuff like this. Remember the egg debates? Eggs are good for you, no there bad,, now they are good again.
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Meat Hunter I would be intersted in seeing something about this considering I have two youngsters that enjoy homemade cured meat products. Can you find a link to the program you mention?
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Thanks.Alot like debates on MSG, which is in celery and cheeses naturaly.Then we also find out the Autism and immunization data was falsified.
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Here's some general info on the subject:

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I thin like most anythin else, used in moderation it ain't gonna hurt ya. Ya know how much a that stuff they shove down them rats an such ta get results!? A person wouldn't eat that much of it. You can make the statistics show what ya wan't by askin the right questions.

Folk been eatin fish, eggs an cured meats fer ever, ya can't blame diseases on it know just cause some folk get one. My kids ate cured products since they was old enough ta eat. Big strapin young men now. It is sad that some youngesters develope these disesas, but that been happinin fer a long time to, I don't see the food bein the issue. When these kids get sumtin like this, the folks an doctors er lookin fer sumtin an someone ta blame.

One thin, what I make here is controlled by me, I know how much an what goes inta it. A better controlled product.

Just my two coppers worth.
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That artical dont have any thing to do with chidhood luekemia. Did you read it?
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I agree 100%. Thanks for your input.
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Funny that they still kick this debate around (nitrites/nitrates) with unknown consequences of using these, when they already know with near certainty the consequences of leaving it out......Botulism!
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I think some people just like to stir the pot. Something that has never been an issue for decades and generations suddenly becomes an issue to one very vocal person. They try as hard as they can to piece together "evidence" that they're right and pass it off as "science" and sway easily swayed people into following them.

Then some damn hippie at a TV network puts together a segment warning people about this newly-found danger. In the segment they talk to real scientists who know that it's impossible to prove a negative and they say "in our experience there is no link" etc and the TV show spins that into a government conspiracy to cover up the risks. "None of the scientists we have interviewed can PROVE this isn't harmful" all the while ignoring the lack of proof that it is harmful. Shouldn't the new-age health guru be the one to prove he isn't full of crap?

Then it's all over magazines and newspapers and suddenly you're no longer allowed to enjoy something as wholesome as sunshine, fresh air, 3-day weekends, czechoslovakian beer, or wool socks. All because someone wanted to stir the pot, a few sheep followed them, and it spun out of control from there.
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My wifes grandmother is 97 and until 5 yrs ago tilled and planted an acre garden. She got angry if someone told her she was to old and would run the tiller for her. She still cooks with lard, eats fresh eggs, loves ham, and drives herself 3 miles to church. Granted she has stopped driving in town now that they have stop lights! LOL
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