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new smoker

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Ok, just bought and used for the 1st time my new smoke hollow 48" propane smoker. I made a inline gas valve to reduce the internal temps down to the 185 degree range to smke a load of pork/deer sausage yesterday and I was able to keep it in that range for 3 hours. I have to move the smoke box closer to the burner flame though as it didn't want to smoke hard with the flame that low and will be trying that version today. Other than that, I am really happy with it so far. Was wondering if you guys have ever used that brand and what you think of it? Any other mods I might make to it for smoking? I used wood chips, fine chips soaked in water over night. I was surprised to find that it completely cooked my sausage, is this normal? I thought smoking wouldn't cook it through and through? I am new to this so please have patience with me and thanks for any answers, Big Chuck.
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i see this is your first post welcome to the forum you will want to swing by roll call and introduce your selfi kinda wandered what you ment by "smoke hard" you will read a lot about thin blue smoke here also we are picture junkies here so get some pics and start the q-view
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Hey, Big Chuck. Welcome to the SMF. Just curious: you say your Smoke Hollow is a 48" model? Is this a 2-door model? I looked on their website, and the biggest they had was a 44", with 2 doors. I'm shopping for a new gasser myself, so let me know how you like it as you go, as well as any mods you make that turn out good.
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Congrats on the new smoker. If you are reading temps from the original gauge, have you calibrated it? I'll move your thread to roll call, so you can get a warm welcome from all.
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Welcome to SMF Big Chuck!!
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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hey chuck

So you are a new smoker with a new smoker! Kewl. You may want to hang here a bit and do some reading but for now WELCOME to SMF!!

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Welcome. Lots of good info here.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the forum Big Chuck! Looking forward to your input.
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Welcome to the SMF family!!
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