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Decided on staying in on Valentines day with the wife. Made a dinner and sat back to some videos.

wrapping the scallops in some of my fresh homemade belly bacon

marinaded the scallops and prawns in an Herb and Garlic marinade

Being that it is valentines day, I was trying to get the prawns toothpicked into Heart shapes.

and giving them a kiss of smoke before getting the direct heat

and the main course. I wonder if these guys know there fate?

They do NOW. muhahaha

These turned out nice.

and the meal all together

Hope you enjoyed this, we sure did.
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Nice. Wonder if anyone's tried to smoke lobster?
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Very nice!!
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wow. ur gettin me all wound up big red. musta worked for ur wife.
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Now does your wife know you were kiss'n around on Valentine's Day?
Shame on

Very Nice Dinner!
She's a lucky lady.
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Nice grub ya cooked up there!
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that looks awesome big red, your wife is very lucky
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