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Got to cook today!

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Finally... A nice day w/o wind or rain and a few free hours to play with fire and toss back an adult beverage or 10...

Had trouble trying to decide where to park this post, but since there was more pork than anything else, it ended up here... Feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate forum.

Hope ya'lls day was as good as mine!

Some spares

Got a hanker'n for some chicken and dumplings and the birds are on sale this week so I threw one on the pit too...

First rack of spares done.

Meat pulled cleanly from the bone, but didn't fall off.

One of those Cook's half ham's I put on for the double smoke

Hunk of ham for sandwiches

View into the firebox, just for the fun of it...

Funky shaped brisket, but it was choice grade and uber flexible. It only started off as ~10lbs and I trimmed probably 2.5lbs of fat off of it before cooking.

Turned out OK.
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Wow James, It looks better than fantastic!! Great job!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Dibs on any leftovers. biggrin.gif
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It all looks awesome nice job
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Every thing looks great to perfection.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those ribs look absolutely succulent!!!! Very nice.
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Everything looks excellent! Thanks for the Qview.
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The ham looks awesome. Any special instructions on that one?? The other food looks great too, but for some reason the second picture of the ham really caught my eye.
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Thanks for the comments everyone! As far as the ham, it was just the supermarket Cook's brand pre-smoked ham. I put a bit of mustard on it to hold the rub (Texas BBQ Rub original (great rub and goes great with anything, especially pork!)) and put it on the pit to add some real smoke to it.. took it off about 160° internal temps... I will slice the rest of the meat off and use the bones for a stock or in a bean pot... Easy and good!

These hams are OK, but if you want a great ham to double smoke, try to find a 'steamship ham roast'. These just started appearing in our local Kroger's stores last year during the holidays. They are more $, but there is a ton of meat on them and they taste great! Lot's of left overs for other meals.... this is one we did last Christmas.

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