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Hog Wild Mobile Al

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This is whats happening in Mobile Al. http://www.bbqmobile.net/
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Do you know anyone participating that would want a helper?? I'd love to come out and get some extra experience. I'm in Mobile too.
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I have a friend competing in pro-am but I think he has helpers already, but you can come out and get a taste of Q from some of the cooks. I will be a judge for the backyard division. I will put my team together for next years competition, you should get in on that next year.
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We attended last year. I was hopeful to compete this year in backyard, but didnt have time to get a team together (and am still a little to green I think) We plan on coming out though, private message me if you want and I'll give you my number so we can meet and introduce ourselves on that Sat.

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