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Well here is part of the problem. I should have used the Temp probe. Proof is in the puddin. This is the MES I got when I returned the first one. It did reach the set temp of 225 but as you can see... the internal temp is 240. That can make a lot of difference when you are setting your smoker and leaving for work.
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That is also with no meat and smoke going. You may have a greater variance with those factors thrown in.
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I have an electric as well and mine varies quite a bit. When it was new I set it at 225 and checked the temp every 15 minutes and they ranged from 212 to 240 over a 3 hour period. I assume it is because the heating element is cycling off and on to keep and average of 225.
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As far as the bland taste and mush bark is concerned, I think too much steam can cause that (along with washing out the smoke flavor). Try it with no water in the pan and mop it on ocasion, though moping may not be as neccessary as it is with charcoal and gas smokers due to the insulation creating extra moisture retention. I have to try this myself, so this is just a theory, but I do know that many types of meat cooked in a crock pot tastes watered down and I think this is what you're experiencing.
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Same thing happens in your kitchen ovens. The temperature will rise above and fall below the set temperature as the element cycles on and off.
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Mikey if that is your two helpers in your Avatar then you can send them to my house anytime!
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