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still around

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Hi everyone! I am still around, reading posts. I haven't posted lately. Been busy around here. My computer crashed in a storm a couple of weeks ago. I got my wife a laptop for her to use, and I am on it right now. I am still smoking as much as I can. I am trying to fix the computer. I am not sure if it the hard drive or the motherboard- or both. I might just build a new one. I built this one about 5 years ago.
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Sat Chris, good to hear/read from you. I hope all is going well for you and your family. Maybe it's time for a new bare bone sys that you can tweak to your likes.
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Good to see you Chris!
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glad you still around my ol pc is acting up too got a severe case of the slowsicon_surprised.gif
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Hey Chris, haven't missed a damn thing.......
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Good to hear that your doing well Chris. Keep that smoker full and stay in touch. Tell the family hi. ...
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Good to see you back, Chris. Wondered a couple of times if you got used to your new choppers.
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Glad to hear from you again Chris!! I've got one computer dead and one half built.......
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Good to hear from ya Chris. I know how ya feel. I was busy on my days off and was not on line. Now I am back at work and the company is really cracking down on "online publishing". So I will be on even less while overseas. icon_evil.gif Keep the TBS going.
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Choppers are working great. I can eat almost everything with no problems. The family is doing great. I got my mom's computer to fix too. Her motherboard is fried. Funny thing, my computer booted up finally, after trying to boot it 100 times. I am on it right now in fact. I am going to back up everything I didn't have backed up already. Then if it doesn't boot up again, no big deal. That was the main thing, I have some files and stuff not backed up yet. I was in the process of backing up everything when it crashed.
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