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Dumb Question?

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This question may be showing my ignorance when it comes to selecting cherry wood for my smoker.

Question: When folks here on the Forum suggest using cherry wood for various smokes, are they referring to wood from the trees that bare fruit for human consumption or the wood from wild cherry trees which most people use as firewood in their home fireplaces? Or can you use either one?

If this was a dumb question forgive me in advance.

Thanks, John
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No dumb questions, they'll both work!

I prefer the wild Cherry trees up here!
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Either, as far as I know it is all good. Have some cherry going right now mixed with hickory doing 2 Boston butts and pastrami.
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They'll both work. Doubt you could tell the difference.
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Thank you gentlemen for the information...........I guess I'm not as dumb as I look.....no, sound...........no, feel..........oh!....I'm still confused. lol

I have a ton of cherry on my wood pile.......I guess I better get started smoking something.......Thanks again guys!

Take care, John
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I have used wild for last 20 plus years.I hooked up with a local orchard and should have that shortly.I will post results of comparison.
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