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Wild pork is smokin

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Thought I would share todays smoke with ya! This is a feral hog I got about a month ago with my trust AR-15. It wasn't huge just a solid 100lb sow. My favorite size. Buthered it out myself into smokable portions.

Here is a very "before" pic. Sorry about the blood for you sqeemish ones.

Today I am doing One of the bone in whole hind quarters and the ribs. I rubbed with my own mixture. Mopping with apple juice and spiced rum. They are on the smoker about 3 hours here. Smoking with 50/50 oak and Hickory at about 225 in my side box Old Country wood smoker.

Thanks for checking in on my project today.
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This looks yummy. More pics please. Babba can their be a 1/2 BBQ with half the pics?

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Almost forgot! I am using this on myself for the duration.

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Beerguy, that looks excellent...the beer too! cool.gif :)
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Looking good. I assume that wild hog has a stronger taste than the pork you buy in the supermarkets?
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I cant tell much difference on the small sows like this one. Maybe a little more flavor. The big boars are much gamier.(spell?) Anyway I tend to shoot the small ones without the boyparts when possible. My favorite are when they are about 15lbs they go on the smoker whole.
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What state are you in? I'd go hunting if I could find a wild hog! My wife's girlfriend's husbands goes deer hunting all the time. I'm going to ask him about this.
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Thats looking great! cool.gif
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I am in SW Missouri right on the Oklahoma border. They are not widespread here yet. As much as I like eating them. Hope they dont get to be. They can be very destructive to hayfields and local wildlife. I have about 4 square miles they roam in to hunt.
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Yeah, i saw an ABC Special on the wild hogs spreading and it's a problem. They are encouraging people to hunt them. I asked my wife's friend husband if he ever sees them when hunting. He's a hunting fanatic. He says he's hunts in western illinois, downstate and in Missouri somewhere and hasn't seen one yet. He did say that there were tours for wild hogs, he just hasn't gone on one of them. Do you have anymore Q-view?
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