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BBQ pork pie?

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I have a pretty good amount of pulled pork left over and was wondering if anyone has a recipe for a bbq pork pie.
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Would you consider a bbq pork pizza? They are really tasty and almost like a pie...just flatter. lol

I top pizza dough with the pulled pork and q sauce (no pizza sauce) with onions and lots of shredded mozarella cheese. Sometimes add sliced or minced jalapenos.
It's one of my favorite pizzas. :)
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pulled pork pizza's are great!!!! Well pp anything is great biggrin.gif
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I have made the pizzas,pasta and Frito pies.
Fritoe pies are just corn chips with PP or shredded brisket on them with cheese bbq sauce and sour cream. Just had them for lunch
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I make a pulled pork shepherds pie that my kids absolutely love. I'll try to find the thread.

Here it is.....
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i used the one off food network,type in savory BBQ pie,the guy's name is Rodney Henry,it's pretty good,plus you can tweek it to however you like.

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Can't say I've got the recipe you're looking for, but I like to put leftover pulled pork (on the rare occasion that there is any, teenage son) into a jambalaya.
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