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Beer Can Chicken Nothing Special with Q-view

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It was just your usual beer can chicken.

Used the one on the left, 4.23# @ .59 a pound.

I used a mixture of Yoshida's,

for BBQBUBBA biggrin.gif some KC Masterpiece granulated garlic and brown sugar.

Half way through at 275' with hickory and mesquite.

I took it out at 170' at the thigh.

I didn't get a plated pic because I just dove in on a quarter.
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looks goooood. I have a ham ready to go for in the morning, but now will probably throw on a 'yardbird' with it!!!!!!
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.59 cent a pd! Good buy.
I bought 3 yesterday for .89. Thought I had something. I will beer butt them today in the UDS. Hope they turn out as well as your look.
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Looks great,Ron. Like the price on yur chicken. They are real proud of them up here. I looked at some yesterday for .99 a pound.
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Fine looking bird there Ron. I am doing two today as a matter of fact.
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Sure she tasted good. Nice job Ron.
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Hard to beat those drunk chickens . Looks good !
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Don't know how I missed this one Ron, but ya got a real nice lookin birdie there!!
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Ron, I like the browning on the skin. Looks like you got a good buy at that price. Thanks for sharing the Q View.
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Beautiful chicken Ron, great job. I know I'm late to the party.
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Thanks for posting with pictures b/c that helps a lot. I have some questions b/c I would like to do a couple of beer can chickens next.

1st. Did you brine the chicken?
2nd. If you did brine, what did you use?
3rd. You said you used garlic, brown sugar and a marinade. Did you mix all these and rub them in or did you do it differently?
4th. After you rubbed it down did you add anything to the beer?
5th. I have what y'all call a ECB. Can I remove the water pan and just use the beer can to keep juices in or will the beer evaporate before it's done?

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