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New Guy from S NJ!

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Hey guys -

I swear I registered here alittle while back, but I had to re-register or maybe I'm getting old and forgetful.

Anyway, I picked up inexpensive Char-grill smoker - doesn't hold heat very well, but its great to learn on and is getting the job done.

I've learned a ton looking around here and thanks to this site and you all, my second set of ribs came out FRIGGIN FANTASTIC! I followed the 3-2-1 method and whew...amazing. Then I did two big 'ol chickens for the super bowl....awesome.

I already want a bigger smoker, ha!

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Jay welcome back glad you re-joined us. We had a crash and lost some data that included some members that joined recently. Hopefully that is all behind us. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome, again, lol. Whereabouts in NJ are you located?
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Welcome, again. This is the place to learn abut bbq, for sure.
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Welcome back. You know you found the right place if you registered twice!biggrin.gif
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Hello Jay, and welcome to the SMF. Looks like you've been bitten by the Q bug!
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, Pa...........Don't allow yourself to be lying in your death bead some day saying "Boy I wish I had bought a bigger smoker".......Go for it man!
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Welcome back. Where in South Jersey? I was raised in Haddonfield down there and my Wife's from Philly area. Now live up at the very top of the state in Sussex County. Man I miss the rolls down that way. Headed to DE tomorrow so I'll have to pick up some good hogie rolls on the way back.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back to smf!
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welcome aboard or back, sometime... glad you could join us, again maybe? Darn cyber smoke is getting in my eyes...
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Glad you made it back!
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glad to have ya here your chargriller needs a few mods to keep decent temps like a baffle and flu mod. go to the forums and look under wood or coal smokers.heres a start.
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Welcome, or welcome back. Your already learning what great people there are here.
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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome back!
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