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Chicago Newbie Here!

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Good Morning Everyone!!!!! Came across this forum a couple of days ago and was taken back. This is a forum of smoking Gods, what a better place to hang out. I started smoking about 4 months ago when I came across a closeout deal on a GOSM smoker at HOBO's, over 50% off. Since then I have made numerous ribs,brisket and chicken. I thought I knew what I was doing. Now I don't know where to go next? Meatloaf,Fatties,cheese,pork butt.. could go on for a while. Just from looking around the forums, the information is overwhelming. I wish this was one of those old scratch-N-sniff things,because everyone's Qview looks Great. Just wanted to drop a line and say Hi! Qview will be coming soon, cooking a brisket and bacon explosion this weekend.
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Welcome to SMF. This place is awesome isn't it? biggrin.gif Looking forward to seeing the qview.
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Welcome from another Illinoisan.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. There is lots of info and recipes here for sure. Have fun and happy smoking
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What size GOSM do you have? Welcome to SMF
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welcome from across the big river
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Welcome to SMF from N.C. If you are not already you will become addicted to this place.
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Welcome fellow Chicagoan! Congrats on your find! Which Hobo's did you find it at and how much did it run you?
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The gosm is the model 3405gw, the smaller one 16"W x14"D x 34"H. I bought it from the Hobo's in Villa Park. They moved to a larger store a block away and had it clearanced out at $70. I'm sure I will outgrow it quickly.
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welcome from another fellow Illinoian
Im down around LaSalle Peru , Princeton area
GOSM here also. and yes its too small already.
going to build a smoke house this spring
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Welcome to the SMF. Looks like you're fired up and ready to have some fun. Enjoy.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA.........does't take long to get hooked to this sight
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Welcome aboard. Start reading and sharing your QVIEW.
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Nice! I take it they are all gone? I get over there once in a while. I like the Harlem furniture outlet on 53 and North Ave.
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Welcome to the forum. Lots of good folks here willing to share their knowledge.
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Yes, I was at their new store a month or so ago & didn't see them.
Where do you find a good butcher for meat? Being from Chicago area, you would understand when I say "trying to find a good like trying to find and honest politician" there aren't that many. lol. I know where the store is, never been inside though.
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LOL!! Tell me about it. Don't ask me how Daly is skating by without so much as a scratch on him.

Usually the mexican food stores have some good butchers if your in the city. The meat is usually pretty cheap. Even the burbs have some. Depends on where your at. There isn't many real butchers left in the burbs. Jewel seems to have to best and freshest meat, but it's also very pricey.
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Welcome to forum....great site
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Thanks for all the welcomes. Look forward to hangin out for awhile.icon_smile.gif
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