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Use a GOSM...have a question

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Been using my GOSM for a few months now with good results. For those of you that have one, you are aware that the bottom drip tray can get quite dirty throughout the smoke.

Was thinking about lining the bottom rack that I usually don't use with tin foil in order to speed up the cleanup.

My question is, with the smoker box at the bottom, is there a chance if I line that rack with foil that it will stop smoke from getting to meat? I wouldn't think there would be since it circulates in the unit, but you never know I guess...
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I foil the water pan before I add the water to it. Makes clean up easy
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My drip tray is below the burner and below the wood box. The water pan is a separate piece about a foot higher. Yes, it's a GOSM.
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As long as there is an opening around the sides and back of the rack where the smoke can rise it should be fine. You could always put a few holes in the foil and it would still help catch the drippings.
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The drip pan in my GOSM is removable. I just take it out, use a plastic putty knife (the disposable kind) and scrap it out. If it's really messy, I'll hit it with a power washer after I scrape it down.
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That would work too...there is space around the sides and front/back so the smoke can get by. Plus I can taste it when eating, so it must be doing the trick...

anything I can do to save a few minutes!
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Mine is removable as well but if you foil the pan and make it fit the bottom of the pan and go over the edges when your done you just remove the foil and there is no mess and it keeps the pan in very nice condition
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What Dutch said... my big block is setup the same way and I do the same thing with the putty knife and then take to the sink to clean with soap and water.

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Piney to the rescue, I foil the drip pan and the water pan. Easy cleanup.
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I'm the other way - I'd rather clean it. It doesn't take very long. Not like you have to get it shiny.
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I just purchased a GOSM. It did not come with a drip pan. None listed in the parts list either. I was wondering if I will need to make something or not. It is the smaller GOSM I got at Wal Mart.
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I'm not sure of the dimensions you have to work with, but try using foil to catch the grease, then just change it out. If possible maybe a large cookie pan with a hole cut out for the flame/burner. Can you post a pic of the bottom of your GOSM? That would really help.
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Here is a pic.
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That's way too clean. glad you got a picture of it like this, it won't last long!

The water pan is what I consider a drip pan. I usually just line that with foil, and throw it out after each smoke.
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I Have the same setup here... just line the water pan with foil and throw away when you are done. Now go and get that smoker dirty.
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Not sure if that's a Big Block, but mine has an actual removable pan that sits below the wood box and it does get quite dirty. Foiling the water pan is definitely a good idea but you might want to just lay some foil on the bottom, as well, to prevent the other drips since it doesn't look like you have a pan down there.
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What he said. By the pic, it does not look like a big block, the wood box stand would not have legs, but you still can work around that. From the GOSM manual:
1. [Model 3605BGD] Insert the wood box rack into the bottom of the smoker. The feet of
the rack sit in the four indentions in the bottom.

[Model 3605BGD] Set the Grease Pan into the bottom of the smoker. Slide the wood
box rack into the lowest position of the wire rack,
just above the burner
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Since your gosm is different than mine, here is my opinion. Get yourself a foil baking tray that is slightly larger than your gosm. example. If your gosm measures 16"X16" try to find a tray slightly larger at 18"X18". Take out your chip box and place it in the middle of this tray on a table. Draw the outline of the chip box with marker. If the chip box is 3' inches tall, then draw another box inside of the first box 2.5 inches in. Cut the center of the small box out. Then cut from one corner to another on a 45 degree angle in 4 places. Put chip box back into smoker. slide the over sized foiled tray in. Yes you have to bend it a bit but the sides should stay tight to the smoker walls. As you are sliding it down, fold up where you have cut on the 45 degree cuts. This should stay tight against the chip box.

You can try this with a pcs of cardboard to make a template before you cut the foil tray.
If you have any questions, pm me and I will make a cardboard template and take pics of this process for you.
I have never done this but it should work.
Hope this helps.
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