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Taylor TruTemp

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I bought a Taylor TruTemp digital cooking thermometer. Can it be used to take the temp inside of my smoker, by just laying on the rack or stuck thru a small potato? Or do I need a differant type of thermometer for that?
I want a thermometer for monitoring smoker temp.
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Yes, you can insert it through a potato or a piece of wood. Just make sure that the point protrudes couple of inches past the opposite side.
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Run the wire in thru the exhaust vent and put the potato on the rack with a couple inches sticking all the way thru the potato
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I've used my Taylors like that, they work great for chamber therms.
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I use wine corks and they seem to last forever.
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Ditto. Don't attach that Taylor to a smoker door or cabinet directly with the magnets, it'll will melt the plastic sooner or later. Use something in between like a small board or wood block.
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