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Pork butt question

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Okay it is still cold outside, I want to do 2 butts and pastrami this weekend. Just a thought, but cutting the butts in half would reduce cooking time and give me more bark. Good Idea or bad?
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Yes and yes,, But i think you will get less of the super moist meat, i dont think you will get desired results.
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I have cut a couple in half and found it does go faster but to me it doesn't quite have the same flavor almost like the extra time makes it better but maybe its just me
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I've cut them in half also and found that I liked the ones I didn't cut. They were more tender, juicier and more flavorful. Plus it wasn't any shorter cooking time for me. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Ive cut them in 1/2 and noticed no diff.I'd do it again.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Thanks for the input, guess Ill leave them whole after all.
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What I do in cold weather ... smoke for at least 3-4 hours, then bring them in and put in a 225 degree oven.
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Thanks, for the tip
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