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peanut butter with qv

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I lot of ya probably already know this, but homemade peanut butter is really easy to make, and tastes sooo much better than you can buy. Somehow we got on the subject of jalapeno jelly today at work. Got to thinking why not a smoked PBJ? Made a batch of peanut butter tonight. All you need is some salted nuts which you put in a food processor or blender and grind the dickens out of, then add some honey, grind to incorporate, then add butter (my fav) or oil. A little of either goes a long way. I used about half a pound of nuts, a tbs. of honey and 2 tsp of butter making this. Tomorrow for lunch we're having smoked peanut butter & jalapeno jelly sandwiches, and based on how they pb tastes, they're gonna be great!

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Great idea RSands! Thanks! I can use some of my smoked P-nuts. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Cool...gotta make another addition on my list again!!! Thanks for the idea.

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Once again comfort food to the rescue.
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points as long as you grind up the vermin like that place in GA. LOL
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Something really sounds wrong about a smoked pb&j. I love it!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for great idea.Will give your recipe a go.
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I had no idea it was that easy. Thanks for the idea. This will be fun.
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If you mix this pnut butter with butter, does it need to be refrigerated when done? Can you just leave it in the cabinet?
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Looking at that picture there are not many peanuts in there. I think you may need to change the name. Also i did not see the smoked part, did i miss that.

looks great though i will try this weekend
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Just call it smoked nut butter!

Great idear! Points!
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Thanks everyone! Ganny, yep, keep it in the fridge.
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That sounds soooooo good!
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OMG, I'm printing this one off!!!!!! My 3 favorite foods are:

1. Smoked Pork
2. Smoked everything else
3. Anything with peanut butter smeared on it!!!

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that looks great is it thick or creamy?
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Picked up a few pound yesterday. Gonna smoke the nuts tomorrow and try this. I think this will taste great with the Jalapeno jelly on top of a English muffin. Good job.
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Has anyone used a Meat grinder to make peanut butter?
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