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G'day (again)

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Did introduce myself a little while ago, but somehow my membership went into cyber smoke. (for who may recall, I am the aussy opal miner!)
Had to re register to continue!

Since then I have been smoking what I would call "mini fatties", the basic mince usually being a pork/veal mix.
Making them about a one person meal size, bacon wrapped, with a skewer to hold in place whilst in the smoker. This allows the inner part (cheese, herbs etc.) to be concealed, a nice surprise on opening!
I also tuck little "blasts" of chilli into the meat here and there.

Have been using charcoal as the basic heat source with 1/2 dried/cut peach/apple wood as the smoke medium.

As I quickly learnt from this site, the "thin blue" gives the required result.
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Welcome back to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome back...good to see ya again. :)
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Welcome to the forum...(again). May the thin blue be with you, as well as good health, and of course happiness!!!!

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Hello again, glad you're back with us at the SMF.
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Welcome back.
Glad to see you didn't give up.
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Welcome back.The fruit woods are a favorite of mine as well.
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Welcome back. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome back rom Pittsburgh, PA........seems like you are off to a good start
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Welcome aboard! Opals are my birthstone, so if you have any extra lying around send them to mePDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Welcome back...we missed ya, lol.
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welcome aboard or back, lots of stuff went up in cyber smoke, i'm glad you returned.
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Welcome aboard...Again! Glad you decided to register again :)
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