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Daytona -- Injected Butt?

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WELL...HERE GOES....year 3 of the now-annual DAYTONA Q PARTY!!! Last year had -- 50+ people in the house.

This year -- Ordered 40 lbs of BUTT and a 1/2 barrel of BUD LIGHT (gotta watch those calories! icon_smile.gif

...ALTHOUGH, I went to the butcher today (A&P) and he said I HOPE WE GET IT IN!!! I am a BIT anxious!

I asked for plain BUTT -- NO INJECTION. 1855 only supplies injected BUTT here in NY -- I don't want the H20/salt injection.


Here is a link to last years Q-vue.
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They're great, as long as i'm the one doing it, no enhanced meat for me.
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If there is a Sam's Club anywhere near you, that may be a better choice. I don't think their butts are enhanced.
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Not sure on the injected butt... but bud lite? That needs some work! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Sams is a good idea. I am heading there today to grab a butt for the 500.
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Same story with Costco (just like Sam's). They have cryopacked butt in 12-16 lb packages (two pieces) for $1.38/lb. Good meat, not injected.

What do you pay per lb at your butcher?
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BUD LITE...I know...LAME!!! BUTT <-pun intended. that is what happens when you are drinkin' from Saturday afternooon thru Sunday evening!!

My buthcher (A&P) DID not get my meat delivered today!!! Screwed me. icon_evil.gif
I called a SHOP RITE they have #40lbs. of BUTT -- I will post the PPlb (price per pound) later today.
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that sounds good ....i need to go and get something to smoke the last 2 months has been been able cold here to smoke .......-30 a little bit cold to smoke in
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I dont like it any better then the chicken in the brines you find in stores.I prefer to control those factors myself.
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10 Lobsters -- before tomorrow's smoke!

42 lbs. of bone-in BUTT -- $1.69 lb. (stop& shop) NY -- actually NJ -- rite on border.

ON SALE from 1.99 lb. -- SOOOO....that is the price in these parts.

STARTING SMOKE -- tmrw. -- DUTCH's -- BUTT -- SLAW -- Cheese-mac -- chili --

STARTED TONIGHT - with 10 LOBSTERS from Hunt's Point fish Market!!! - Bronx, NY -- "WHERE the tri-state gets its gills" -- BOILED not smoked.
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